• Winter Look Book Shoot (Part 1)

  • Incotex Chino 'world's best trouser' ...but why?

    A five minute read on why we agree with this bold claim and what makes them so good.
  • Winter Jacketing

    Take Two : Navy Winter Jackets The amount of times we have the navy jacket conversation with customers in the shop is hilarious! That discussion ...
  • WFH Looks X Source Studio

    We asked visual supremo Mr Dan Watson to collaborate on some 'Working From Home' shots.
    So he popped round to Chez Evans and snapped some of our
    pieces -
    from a distance of course.
  • Summer tailoring

      All current seasonal suiting was 30% off.We are now making a further reduction.Each cotton suit is now £595.00 down from £625.00!(originally £89...
  • New Year Closure & Gratitudes to you!

        Dear friends,We are now closed This is until further notice in line with government guidance surrounding Covid-19.It goes without saying how d...