Eton's 'Most Iconic'



Springtime means freshness and we have a new drop of two absolute menswear staples from our dear friends at Eton.

Firstly the Signature Twill in white is it's global best seller for many reasons and for us - it's officially the "best white shirt in the world" and you can quote us on that. 

We're not normally known for being bragadocious but on this - we know we're right, it's tried and tested. Tested on not just ourselves but on hundreds of grooms over the years. This shirt is what links most of the wedding customers who need the sharpest of sharp collars for their big day.



And the post wedding feedback is unanimous - this shirt held it's own when the grooms themselves may not have faired so well!

After so many years of research and developing this product, in Eton's words- the Signature Twill 'retains an impeccable business look and all day sharpness'

'Tailored from our wrinkle-free Signature Twill fabric, it ensures impeccable draping and perfect luster. Crafted to perfection, it exudes timeless elegance'.




Eton's chambray shirts have also proven themselves to be of the highest quality. We now buy this 'Mid Blue Lightweight Denim' as it is the best we have found for our purposes, for dressing up or down. 'Lightweight denim' is of course the ultimate description for chambray.



We ourselves have worn several versions of this specific shirt over many years
and it's a case of it improving with washing & wearing.
As the colour fades you get different looks and you see the durability you get with Eton's shirts.
Quality with a capital Q is another way of describing something which lasts as long as these shirts have lasted for myself.




What makes this wardrobe staple so special is the combination of classic styling and quality of materials. Firstly this is a high quality Italian woven denim twill cloth which is then garment washed for maximum softness and comfort. The styling is as elegant as the mother of pearl buttons. We stock the slim fit which is perfect for most customers but there are other fits.


In Eton's words - 'This style combines the look of denim with dressier elements. A versatile, timeless shirt suitable for any business casual or casual look.'


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