ETON - Splendid Spring Shirtings

No time like Spring time for fresh looks,

And from Eton we have plenty of those to choose from.
We've had an influx of recent action from the Swedish shirt mafia! 
Allow us to highlight a few standouts from the larger selection we
have both online and in store.

We've always had a thing for Eton's denim shirts in particular.
Of course, there are many denim shirts out there but
it is not an easy thing to produce denim which is so versatile. 
So soft are Eton's chambray options that they are wearable more formally,
with a tie if required.
This creates that perfect bridge between dressing up AND dressing down.


This seasonal remix on denim is a very welcome break from the usual tones.
A particularly fresh green which pops off against blues and whites.
Made from recycled cotton & pre washed, this look is definitely not the usual run of the mill.


We also wanted to highlight this recently delivered classic washed denim.
It is so soft and will look exquisite with a bright knitted tie, much like the one below.

Perfect for infiltrating the formality of a Summer Suit!





Another style Eton cut very well is the 'Oxford' pique shirt,
a soft pure cotton cloth that'
s super comfortable to wear.
We love this pale blue colour for sharp Spring looks in a fabric which offers a refined leisure to your smart casual wardrobe. 


Finally let us remind you of Eton's ultimate four season Denim look.
This mid blue wash is something we stock all year round and it does sell
like the hottest of cakes.

You can be sure that Eton shirts will age well and that's something we personally can attest to -
between us we have this shirt in many different stages of wear and it looks great at each!




















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