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 It's a time of year when you potentially need to plan some semi / formal looks.

Of course we can clothe you in Custom suits for your big day (or someone else's).

And in addition we are one of only a handful of nationwide stockists of  Crockett & Jones.

The royal warranted shoe maker has been quietly honing it's craft since 1879 so they know what they're doing by now!

Crockett & Jones is recognised as one of the very best by some key authorities on the subject - ask any Japanese menswear influencer for instance. With over 80 outlets in Tokyo alone, Japan is Crockett's biggest market by far.

And we think all of this comes at a very good price. 

In comparison to most of their competitors at the same level, C&J's price points represent incredible value.
Within the historic shoe making town of Northampton many 
other bench made and hand made shoes are a third to a half more expensive.
Worth bearing in mind when considering an investment purchase. 

Current Crockett & Jones


Cost aside it is the 'lasts' and details which set C&J shoes apart and make them suchstylish and comfortable shoes to wear.

As a stockist we have quite a collection in store for trying on. 

We can also easily get extra sizes directly from C&J and colours from a wide range AND get hold of additional styles if we don't have it in stock. 

For events we often pair our Summer wedding suits with loafers or simple oxford style shoes.

The ones showcased above are a popular 'wholecut' oxford called Alex in brown and on a recent groom , in black.


The tasselled loafer 'Cavendish' is very popular and comes in many colours, leathers and sole options as do most styles.

In fact we are making at the moment a tweed suit for a wedding in the highlands of Scotland in August and the only shoe that went with this fabric is the 'Coniston' boot, below.
Normally a big Winter seller but....

Whatever compliments your look for your big day!






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