Made To Measure Services

Made to measure tailoring is the foundation of our business, our speciality. It’s where our training, knowledge and eye for fine detail can be of benefit to you on a personal level.


Choosing the right cloth for your suit is vital and we pride ourselves on our knowledge of what will make the finest garment.

As with our ready to wear collections, most of the fabrics we showcase come from Italy or the British Isles, and mainly from Huddersfield; still a centre of the world’s wool textile production industry.

In this modern age, where clothing and trends are so disposable, we feel there is a luxury in a man having his garments made for him from fabrics that will last..

We offer two levels of tailoring service which allow you to have a suit made.




Custom Made & Hand Made

The difference between these two is simply in the manufacturing – you can choose ‘Custom Made’ which is mostly made by machine with some hand finishing or ‘Hand made’ which is traditional Italian hand tailoring.

Both offer high quality tailoring cut from your choice of cloth (from our range in store) and the procedure is the same…

  • An appointment with us in store (an hour max) where we discuss your likes, dislikes and requirements.
  • We will then advise you on cloth choices and styling and guide you through your decisions on how to go forward, including which service would suit you best.
  • Once a decision is reached we place the order which requires a 50% deposit.
  • Your garments are then made and sent back to us within a timescale.


Custom Made 

Starts at £795.00 for a 2 piece suit.

6 week lead time.

Made in Europe.



Starts at £1495.00 for a 2 piece suit.

8 week lead time.

Made for us in Italy by Caruso.

Caruso is one of Italy’s higher end heritage menswear brands and also manufactures for some of the world’s highest quality makers. Each garment is ‘fully canvassed’ at their mill in Soragna, Parma.

To read more on Caruso including their technical process, their base for the last five decades, see our Craftmanship section.

If you would like to book an appointment to come and chat to us in more detail about having some garments personally tailored for you, email or call us in store. / 0161 835 3245




And we are now able to offer our services to London customers.
Courtesy of Scabal on Savile Row, we can arrange appointments at their flagship store or at your business address. 
Anyone who would like to be measured for a suit or jacket can book an appointment now with Mr Stott tel: 07528853204 or email: