Spring Wedding Focus

A positive start to the year already as January saunters along much more confidently than it did a year ago. And as it does we start to think of Spring in the air. Here at DE&S that means one major thing for our bespoke department - 


2022 should be a fantastic year for weddings and events.
And since custom making is our bread and butter - we're here for all requirements. 
We have plenty of new cloth books in store as well as a new range of suits for trying on.

In hopes of inspiring this year's grooms we've gathered some of our groom moments from the last year together and made a simple guide

to how it all works. 

In addition there are more previous customers in our wedding section 

Online here 

How it works in 3 simple steps.

Initially feel free to call in to get a feel for what you want or give us a call anytime with no obligation, if required. January is a great time to at least put feelers out as it's fairly quiet.

(1 hour booking)

We will take your measurements and between us make all the decisions for your look.
Cloth, lining, buttons and styling options. 
We will try you in a variety of options of jackets, trousers and vests as required to give you an idea of the final look.
Once a decision is made we then take a 50% deposit of the total cost which is dependent on the fabric you have chosen. After your appointment we get the whole order together and send to our makers.

(8 weeks)

(30 minutes)

Once your suit has been made and sent back we will call you in to store for a fitting. At this stage we can make alterations to your garments and often this will be a small job. If alterations are needed these can be completed within a week. You may want to look around for accessories to finish off your look and then you're pretty much done. When you are completely happy we take the balance payment.

 All enquiries welcome!

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