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Fedeli’s dressed down luxe

By Tom

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Fedeli has real heritage,……80 years!
And all of it in knitwear.

Established in Monza, northern Italy in 1934 by Mr Luigi Fedeli, is one of those amazing brands that knows what it does well and has been doing just that for all of those years, it’s therefore the epitome of a DE&S brand and we hope our customers will love it as much as we do.

Fedeli Pique polo

What we love about Fedeli is partly due to it not being particularly well known in Manchester or even the U.K. generally, so we’re excited to share something relatively new to our customers, an unearthed gem you might say.

As with everything else we bring to store, it’s all about Quality.
And the quality of what they do is on another level to much of their competition.
They are true artisans of Italian manufacturing which itself is regarded as the very best in the world in the arena of clothing and rightly so.
They have that very proudly Italian spirit and confidence which is central to their ethos – ‘Tutto Italian’; every stitch being produced within the country.

This is one of our biggest draws to Italian product and brands…
A focus on a speciality and becoming experts in that one field.

This is something we used to have in the U.K but to a large degree that is no longer the case as it wasn’t supported through tough times by the government, like it was in Italy.

As it happens Fedeli bought a lot of their machinery from the U.K in their early days knowing it was the best in the world and taking influence from John Smedley’s level of quality.

We have heard about this in detail from the guys who sell Fedeli to us at Pitti Uomo and we really like the story. One of those guys is the grandson of Luigi, he’s called Gigi (what a name!). He’s the third generation of the Fedeli family and he is a gent. He shows us through the collections and provides nuggets of the history of the brand started by his grand papa, it’s just great!

Mr Doherty and Mr Fedeli at Pitti Uomo 87

So what did we buy for our first collection????….

Ok, well we bought a 100% cashmere sweater in 2 colours, a long sleeved cotton pique shirt in 3 colours and a sea island cotton polo shirt in 2 colours….

Fedeli Pique Polo white

This is the long sleeved pique shirt which comes in a very crisp white and a pale blue which is at the top of this post underneath the Barena jacket.
The cotton sourced for weave is ‘Giza 45’ and that is where the Fedeli quality level comes into play.

Giza is known as the ‘queen of Egyptian cotton’ and the ’45’ is only selected from a type of cotton plant found along the Nile estuary. It’s the best of the best basically and produces a quality of cotton which has a ‘highly silky appearance and strong resistance to tears and holes’.

Each garment comes with a card explaining the origins of the fabric used like on the white pique above.

Fedeli PIque Polo blue

Fedeli PIque Polo blue sleeve

We will soon receive our third colour in this style which is navy and will update this blog when it does. Aswell as adding the short sleeve sea island cotton polos which are still to be delivered.

Below is the fabric card in store to show the sourcing of the best fabrics Fedeli use for their knitwear.

Fedeli fabric card


Next we have our cashmere selection, a sweater of exceptional quality available in two colours, powder blue and a natural / off white….

Fedeli cashmere sweater blue

Cashmere is the ultimate in luxury according to Mr Gigi Fedeli, the ‘most exclusive and special fibre you can wrap yourself up in’ and it is Fedeli’s cherry on their cake – their MOST special specialty!

(An aside note at this point must mention that there are many different qualities of cashmere and that Fedeli use ONLY the very best they can get their hands.)

From their materials handbook: ‘…cashmere is an extremely refined fibre obtained from a particular type of goat called hircus…the name comes from (the) Kashmir (region) where it was first exported from…’
And also this fantastic description of why cashmere is SO revered, explaining how the environment of the goats has helped it develop an exceptionally defensive coat, the underbelly ‘it’s duvet’ of which is ‘the finest and thinnest (15 micron)’ of any animal which makes it so coveted.

‘Nowadays the goats, who live in the Mountainous areas of Asia where climate conditions and temperatures leap between day & night, favour the development of the duvet… It’s (Their under belly hair)’s peculiarity, more than any other animal fibre, is to thermo regulate the body…against both the low and high temperatures’.

We love how this is described quite (typically) passionately, with regard for the animal who has developed this exquisite original fibre for them to now pro due into their garments.
Also it illustrates it’s inherent qualities and the genuine reasons for them.

Fedeli cashmere sweater natural

The results of all of this sourcing and development are now here with us to show you in store!
We really hope the story and heritage of the Fedeli brand is as interesting to you all as it is to us three…


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