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Grenson Balmoral Boot

By Tom

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grenson boot 5

Made entirely by hand in Northampton, our exclusive Balmoral Boot from Grenson has now arrived! ….

grenson boot 1

Our second collaboration with Grenson is our first boot shape and we’re thrilled to present it’s journey from their factory floor to our Manchester store.

We always wanted our shoe choice for this winter to be a boot and have been very happy with our previous Grenson success so we looked into their archives and felt the Balmoral really stood out as the most timeless style that we could modernise and which would accessorise our collections best.

Here are some images from that factory floor of our booties being made by the Grenson team!



grenson boot 3

We chose the pebble grain leather to get as casual as possible a finish to contrast with the elegance of the last shape. A classic Balmoral will have the hook and eye elements aswell as laces and we wanted to keep that detail to an outdoor edge to our brown leather finish.

Grenson Balmoral Boot

The toe has been burnished darker and we’ve kept the half brogueing on the cap for a touch of detail. Apart from this we feel it is in no further need of decoration…
We hope you agree !

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