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Caruso shirts exclusively at Doherty Evans Stott

By Tom

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Caruso shirts are here…
And they’re exclusive to us in the U.K.


Caruso Shirts at Doherty Evans Stott

We’ve always strived to find the best shirts we can possibly offer and over time have sourced from the very best cotton mills and shirt makers for our own unique collections and they are very good shirts.

… whilst buying our tailoring recently with Caruso in Milan we thought it would really make sense to look at their shirts aswell….&
We had a MOMENT.

In short – they are the best we’ve seen:
The fit, the fabrics and the styling, all spot on and impressively finished.
Caruso’s shirts are full of the same stylish flourishes as the rest of their collections and we really feel that they are exactly right to be the future of our formal shirt offering.



Although we feel a twinge of nostalgia for our own branded shirts, we are moving forward and going with the best product.
And of course they will compliment our Caruso tailoring and casual wear.

We currently have 4 perfectly fitted styles in stock as a first run and they are beautiful, some details are highlighted here…

They will all be online soon.



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Caruso Shirts DES UK


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