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WFH Series : Mr Mark Gill, Film Maker

By Tom

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WFH Series  
Mr Mark Gill 

In this series, we take a look at the interior lives of our favourite folk during lockdown and beyond.

Mr Gill is another frequent collaborator of ours, we’ve done all sorts of visual work together over the years like photo shoots and short films.
In 2016 we attended the Manchester premiere of Mark’s first feature film ‘England Is Mine’ about Morrissey’s pre-Smiths life and which we helped on the wardrobe for.


Hey Mark,
Could you tell us a little about what you do, generally

I am a film writer and director, as well as the creative lead at The Chase Films which is part of the The Chase Creative Consultancy

As I’m currently furloughed from The Chase it’s giving me more time to develop my next feature film which is based on the life of Masahisa Fukase – legendary Japanese photographer. We had just started casting when the world went into lockdown. For those who are interested my debut feature is available on Netflixnow. 

Where is Home ?
I live in Gee Cross within Haughton Dale nature reserve. I found the cottage four years ago and it’s about ten miles East of Manchester on the edge of the Pennines. The cottage was built in 1847 and it’s been a labour of love to modernise it, including painting the outside black which caused some consternation amongst my neighbours at first.  They love it now though even if it does resemble a plague house in Amsterdam!  
We recently added a ‘Maine Coon’ kitten to the family.
Muezza now lords it over us humans.

And do you have a specific area to work from ?
Like a lot of people the spare room doubles as an office. So i’m often holed up pretending to work on various projects but either most likely watching Midnight Diner on Netflix or napping.
Napping is essential for a successful creative life.

Any particular corners you’d like to highlight?
I recently saw a wall unit by BoConcept but the price was eye watering and slightly too large for where I wanted it. Luckily I have a friend who’s a wizard carpenter who built me a version that I tweaked for only a fraction of the price. 

Ok let’s get some details!
Do you have a soundtrack or particular artist that’s currently working well as a WFH back drop?

My friend Nick Ridley who owns FIT DIGITAL in London has just started releasing some of his music under the moniker VOLTAINE with accompanying music videos all created by AI machine learning. It’s great music to write to.
Or listen here: Voltaine on Spotify.

Generally are there any specific areas of cultural interest you’re loving right now?

I’ve recently started Tai Chi again after many years, turns out my neighbour is a retired barber and Tai Chi master. Result!
Also I’ve been spending a lot of time lusting over more Japanese photography books to further my collection. 


We know you love clothing and style
Do you any specific pieces which are helping you feel good right now ?

Really loving this the summer season from COS. I think they’ve taken a leaf from the Studio Nicholson playbook. I recently picked up a new RAINS coat. I am from the North after all, a good waterproof summer coat is essential.

If and when this is all over and you’re allowed to go shopping again – what’s the one item you’d rush to grab?

That would be the Mismo Soft Work bag. 
It’s a genius hybrid design! Like a very smart overnighter.
I am an absolute whore for bags of any kind so this is something I’d love to get my hands on and I don’t have this exact size.


And finally, in your new area what are you discovering around you ? Could you show us what you are appreciating on your lockdown strolls?

I started documenting how things were changing a couple of weeks prior to lockdown and have continued to post a picture a day on Instagram @ _mark_gill_It’s a good way to stay creative, not go stir crazy and force me to do something with the hours outside.

Thank you Mark for taking the time to do this for us. 
We think his images of Manchester on lockdown are beautiful and haunting.

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