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WFH series : Mr Dan Watson

By Tom

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In this series, we take a look at the interior lives of our favourite folk during lockdown and beyond.
The Talented Mr Watson is a frequent collaborator of ours, mainly as our official photographer but there are many strings to his many bows – as you’ll hear. He’s also avid collector of pottery and an Aspesi enthusiast!


Hey Dan!
Could you tell us a little about what you do, generally.

Hey guys.
I work as Creative Lead for a menswear store currently working on the new look and feel of the brand. Alongside that I work with a bunch of other brands (including yourself) on creating content and also design work. And as a little bit on the side I create content for myself on @d_watso.
Busy Busy!

Where is Home ?
Ancoats, Manchester city centre.
I recently moved from a studio to a 2 bedroom apartment just a few weeks before the lockdown so it’s been nice to spend time in the new place actually.

And do you have a specific area to work from ?
We planned to make the spare bedroom into a study, so this extra time has given us a kick up the arse to get that sorted!
The study has become the room I spend 80% of my day in whether that’s working on projects for clients or working on personal projects.

Any particular corners you’d like to highlight?
We still have some pieces we’d like to add but it’s really starting to come together now.

Ok let’s get some details!
Do you have a soundtrack or particular artist that’s currently working well as a WFH back drop?

I go through stages through the day really when it comes to music.
THE CLASSY ISSUE playlists are always a go to for me.


Generally are there any specific areas of cultural interest you’re loving right now?
I know we have a shared appreciation of Japanese men’s style magazines, anything else?

I love collecting bits of pottery.
I usually try to pick something up from each trip I go on.
I also seem to collect caps, which is coming in handy seeing as I haven’t had a hair cut in almost 2 months!
And with all this great weather i’ve been able to get out on the bike more to let off some steam.


We know you love clothing and style
Do you any specific pieces which are helping you feel good right now ?

I’ll be honest, i’m wearing a lot of gym shorts with shirts at the minute!
Occasionally throwing on a down Aspesi overshirt if I have to nip to the shops!

If and when this is all over and you’re allowed to go shopping again – what’s the one item you’d rush to grab?

I’ve had my eye on this Aspesi piece you guys stock.
I’ve been looking for an oversized stripe shirt for a while now and this looks perfect.


And finally, in your new area what are you discovering around you ? Could you show us what you are appreciating on your lockdown strolls?

I quite like the feel of Manchester in lockdown.
It almost feels like there’s been an apocalypse and you are the only survivor.
I took some shots a few weeks ago of the empty streets and closed shops etc.

Thanks to Dan for taking the time to do this for us. 

We think his images of Manchester on lockdown are quite haunting, don’t you think?
There’s a selection on our Instagram, take a look!

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