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The Worker's Club

The Worker’s Club,

By Tom

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New Denim brand

The Worker's Club

And who doesn’t love new jeans?!

Introducing The Worker’s Club – a British lifestyle brand specialising in outerwear and denim since 2015 from their HQ in Oxfordshire.

Like us they have a focus on the highest quality craftmanship possible & slow consumption.

The opposite of fast fashion!

The Workers Club are purists when it comes to fabric, fit and construction. Their debut garment, an all-purpose coat named ‘The Works’ took six months to perfect and has since become a core design, illustrating the brand’s signature layering concept.

The Worker's Club

We will have this style later in the year but it demonstrates their ethos well.

Another thing they do well is denim.

We’ve chosen to introduce the brand with their strongest denim pieces, the styles broken down into 3 categories.

Let’s examine…..

Indigo Rinse

‘Indigo Rinse’ Raw Denim, Slim fit.
‘One wash’ softness, selvedge edge.
Made In Japan.

This jean features a 13oz denim sourced from Okayama, Japan.  This Rinse Wash jean has been given a gentle 30 min wash to reduce the shrinkage and lock in the colour, because of this they are softer to wear than the Raw denim option.


Legacy Rinse

‘Legacy Rinse’ soft washed denim, slim fit.
Selvedge, Made In Japan.

One of our favourite denim washes, titled ‘Legacy Wash’, it was designed based off a pair of denim worn for 5 years by one of our founders at TWC after washing; only real denim heads will appreciate this level of dedication. Thus achieving the unique fading and fit found on this particular pair of jeans.
They sourced this denim from the famous denim mill, Kuroki who are based in Ibara (which is in the Okayama prefecture of Japan) which is basically denim holy grail. The denim undergoes an aged treatment, finished by hand, that achieves the perfect authentic fade without the use of chemicals. This is a very unique method of washing which makes the end result truly special.

Raw Undyed

Natural colour, slim fit.
Raw handle, selvedge.
Made In Japan.

This slim fit jean features a 13oz denim sourced from Okayama Japan, this Natural Raw Denim is really very special


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