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Store Reopening!

By Tom

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Yes we will officially reopen Monday June 15th.

Since mid May there have been many rumours about retail stores and differing opinions on the subject of reopenings.
Of course we wanted to reopen as soon as it would be safe to do so and were prepared for that to be June 1st, initially.
However the government then announced a further 2 week period until non essential retail could resume.
So now here we are with a definite and very safe plan to return to business!

Our new look store will be visually refreshed as we have been working behind closed doors to make some updates. All surfaces inside and out have been cleaned and repainted by our own hands so we know that we’ll be presenting the best looking and safest version of our store that we can.

We will put safe distancing measures in place before we open – marked out floor spacings. a plastic screened off till area and ample hand sanitising points.

Should the store become busy at any point we will have a queue system and 2 people maximum in store at any time.


Aswell as the above measures, we will also wear these face masks when in close contact with customers.
The blue masks we’re wearing here are the ones we’re going to be selling as they’re the most effective we’ve found.
They’re made from a knitted anti bacterial cloth which is machine washable up to 30 times and will be £15.00.
In navy.
Of course!
We will have our stock within the next week and they will be sold online & in store.

We will email out again next week with a link to buy masks online as well as updates on our safety measures just ahead of reopening.

If you particularly keen to get hold of a mask email us and we will talk directly.

See you Monday!

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