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Staff Style at home, vol D&S

By Tom

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Reporting from our homes is hopefully quite refreshing.
Atleast it gives a new perspective on ourselves and our surroundings.

In this edition of Staff Style Stott and Doherty showcase some of our wares in their homes and gardens.

Also starring Sienna, Tom’s daughter & Archie – Andy’s beagle!

Casa Stott

Tom is in his brand new sports jacket!
He chose a herringbone mid weight wool for year round wearing and it’s a full suit.

It’s made by our new Custom making factory so this a good opportunity for a first look..

We’re really pleased with the make.
Key to this is the unstructured element (lightweight tailoring) which we’ve worked with them to achieve. We can now go forward when we reopen and start taking orders.
We will give you plenty more notice before that.

He’s also wearing the TWC raw undyed denim.
(Eton shirt from previous season).

Below, Tom spins some vintage tunes in the Aspesi UT Shirt inplain khaki 
Legacy wash denim from TWC.

Doherty’s Den.

In his blooming lovely garden – Andy wears the new Slowear Gilet in green nylon,
Incotex ‘Slacks’ chino in light grey 
Tricker’s Suede Boot, available in store.

Archie wears indifference like an absolute BOSS!

Incotex chino in washed grey cotton

And finally, another word on,
‘Working From Home’.
Or you might be ‘working from work’ doing things like writing this newsletter!
(Alone and with the shutters down sadly #WFW)

Be inspired by Mr Black!
One of our frequent shoppers sent these shots in from home in Hale.
Fedeli shirt, Incotex Chino & Drake’s suede boots.
It’s as simple as that.
Cheers Gary!

If you’d like to send your #WFH look to us…
Email : info@dohertyevansstott
Or head over to our Instagram page and direct message us!
(search @dohertyevenstott)

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