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Groom’s guide to dressing

By Tom

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It’s your wedding ..

You need a suit!

Some guys are very clear about what they want for their wedding and that is fantastic!
If you are less clear then fear not – help is at hand here at DE&S with a few simple steps to getting the right look for you.
And although there are a few options, you really do just need a really well cut suit.
Aswell as a shirt, a tie and a pocket square (yes, really) and some good shoes and socks.
(It must be much more complicated for ladies…?!)

This is a previous customer of ours wearing a french navy 3 piece for his wedding day.


Menswear is all about DETAILS.

The most important factor for your wedding suit is that you want it to not look like a work suit.
You want it to look special and ‘occasional’ and make an impact.
You want to match up to your partner and feel like you look well dressed.

Having said this, you are investing into a new suit for yourself and it’s important that you can use it afterwards in some way, depending on how formal you want to go.
If you are having your suit made then we can add details to your suit to reflect the partner’s colour choices so that we are satisfying everyone involved!
For instance you can choose a jacket lining in a certain tone which is a subtle and practical way to have a romantic link.
This would be most visual on the back of a waistcoat.

Ok, these are our steps to getting the perfect suit.


This is the big investment and it needs to be right for your wedding day but also for you – going forward.
We always advise men on how it is essential to get the right fabric and colour based on how often (and when) it is going to be worn.
Go too luxurious by having a lightweight suit and it isn’t going to work as a year round party suit.
Go too heavy because it’s a winter wedding and you’ll end up only wearing it twice a year!
Unless you have very specific requirements, generally stick to this…

* A plain coloured wool is best but keep it in a medium weight (max 11/12 oz) for the best performance (and longevity) from your investment.
* Speaking of longevity – a fully canvassed suit is a better investment, it is the foundation of the garment, underneath the lining.
* Colours wise – it’s entirely up to you
You can’t beat a really well cut suit in a blue tone for it’s timeless elegance.
It is personal though and greys are also very popular and especially in springtime.
* Styling wise, we do recommend keeping it simple, mainly to save it from dating too quickly – to keep it classic.
Generally single breasted, 2 button and as fitted as possible to your size.
The best thing to do is to start trying suits on to see what works best for your body type.
* Generally avoid patterns (too casual) and stripes (too formal).
* Always make it a 3 piece (see below)

This customer chose a charcoal lightweight wool 3 piece for his wedding…



Regardless of fabric, this is the single best way to make your outfit stand out and look less worky.
It is simple but makes so much sense.

There are several benefits to the good old waistcoat (or vest), for example ….
*You are automatically adding a layer of formality and ceremony to your look without even trying and this is highly advised as you should be the best dressed male in attendance.
*When you remove your jacket you’ll still look formal and properly dressed whilst also showing off that all important partner-reflecting lining (if you’ve had a made to measure suit).
*Added warmth! (obviously this is season dependent)
*It gives you variety with your new suit so that you have a 2 piece suit AND a 3 piece suit for different occasions, the silhouette is quite different.
And the jacket, trs and waistcoat can all be worn separately.
*A waistcoat should fit like a vest, there is no reason for any excess fabric on any part of it and actually that will affect the fit of the jacket which is going to sit on top.
You should be able to feel it against you all the time.


It’s going to be very visible to the eye and on photos and sets the undertone of your outfit, therefore it has to be immaculate.
*99% of the time your shirt should be WHITE and brand spanking new (although it should be washed and pressed first for the best fit).
*The colour decision is yours but also there’s a reason for the 99% up above there!
Cream can work really well with suits in the brown or navy spectrum. Grey or black suits of any hue must have white.
*As slim fitting as possible.
Like the ‘vest’, it is going under neath other garments so there’s no room for excess which will be uncomfortable and unnecessary.
*General etiquette says that a cuff-linked-double cuff shirt is the proper way to finish off your big day look and we agree.


Now this one is slightly controversial for grooms because there is a ‘rule’ that says you shouldn’t have both a hanky and a flower.
So if you’re having a flower – it’s up to you.
It just depends how it looks.
I’ve seen both at the same time looking great – but then also I’ve seen the addition of a pocket square throwing the whole outfit into ‘too much’ territory but generally…

*If you don’t have a flower you MUST have a pocket square and the colour should either match the shirt or reflect the tie (they’re not supposed to match).
*If you do have a flower, it completely depends on colour.
The Harris Tweed suit below could take the addition of a flower in white as it would reflect the shirt.

What was I saying about too heavy!?
This a 3 piece suit which we had made in Harris Tweed and we have sold quite a few like this for weddings which does
We have included this image to express the idea that – it’s your wedding and it’s important to express your personality and wear whatever you want.
The most important thing to say about this kind of look is get the fit right to keep it modern.


How to dress a groom for your wedding


Why wouldn’t you???!
This is it – it’s your wedding day.
Allow yourself to be the very best version of yourself on YOUR special day.]

As Tom Ford recently said when asked what the ‘top ten grooming essentials for men’ should be – he placed Tweezers at number one!!
Think about this gentlemen, this is a man who knows a thing or 2 about dressing and he is mentioning small details because they’re important.

So think about how much effort your partner is going to – and that’s all for you!
We need to step up to the mark on the grooming side.
And it all starts with Tweezers!!


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