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We are proud to offer only fully canvassed and ‘Hand Made in Italy’ garments for all of our tailoring. The main stages of our Made to Measure service is laid out below to demonstrate the process of the craftsmanship which begins and ends in store with ourselves. It takes a total of around 8 weeks.

Your appointment with us will take no more than an hour. We’ll begin by discussing your requirements and showing you cloths accordingly whilst also looking at styling options and generally building a picture of the look you have in mind.

We then take your measurements. As simple as this is, there are quite a few to take. The amount that we need depends on the customer, it could be up to 25 for a 3 piece suit! When all of these decisions have been made, we take a 50% deposit for your order and it goes off to Italy together with your chosen cloth which we source from the finest global mills.

Our tailors in Italy are based in Parma in the north where they have a mill and 200 workers who are very highly skilled in specific areas of garment making both by hand and by machine when more precision is required. As they are dealing with a lot of very discerning customers from around the world, every order is dealt with by each department in a very careful manner.

This company only ever offers a fully canvassed tailoring service which is the highest quality level of construction you can buy for Made to Measure garments. Each order firstly requires it’s canvas to be created before being passed from pattern maker and cutter to sleeve makers, canvas shapers, chest makers etc and is tested rigorously before it leaves each department until the garment is ready for the areas where only hand work is carried out.

It is here that the ladies who have only ever created and attached collars by hand do that. The gentlemen whose job it is to hand finish buttonholes do that and so on.

They are experts in their areas.

Eventually our garments are finished with linings, buttons and labelling before coming back to us.

The finished articles arrive in store and we call the customer in for a fitting. We sometimes need to make small adjustments and alterations after this fitting which we can do locally in around a weeks time.