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Italian tweed suits from Caruso

By Tom

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Our Caruso collection for the season has landed.

Spectacular handmade Italian tailoring, new for Autumn and wearable most of the year thanks to this lightweight Italian version of traditional (British) ‘tweed’.

As ever, made by hand, we have exclusive 3 pieces in beautiful flecked blue or green wool.

We’ve gone again for the Aida jacket shape throughout which gives the sharpest line and most ‘new school’ look out there.


Tweed suitsTweed suitsTweed suits


On the green version you’ll find flecks of mustard, white, brown and darker greens.

As with all Caruso tailoring, these suits are fully canvassed and entirely made in Soragna, Parma at Caruso’s HQ.

Each features the milanese buttonhole (meaning the lapel buttonhole is handmade, this is considered a sign of quality), absolutely no shoulder padding (especially necessary with tweed) and minimal excess fabric throughout for the most flattering and contemporary silhouette.



Tweed suitsTweed suits


The blue version features flecks in white and lots of other light tones aswell as darker blues and black. 

These 3 piece suits are £1295.00 each in store

All enquiries welcome and we can custom make similar looks, price depends on the cloth choice.

Call into store to view cloths and chat to us about that further.




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