Incotex Chino 'world's best trouser' ...but why?




Incotex is the name of the trouser arm of the Slowear family of men's brands.

Slowear has a rich heritage of Italian design and manufacturing from it's base near Venice. Incotex began in 1951 as a trouser maker for other brands aswell as the Italian army and so developed focused precision and competence in the construction of the trouser.

Eventually Incotex became it's own brand inspired by it's history and experience to make trousers for a new market with a bespoke sensibility -  made possible through technical wizardry. 

It is this story and combination which makes Incotex such an attractive brand to buy into and partly why we agree with their bold statement but the proof is in pudding.

'Leg wear' is a notoriously tricky area to get right with each customer potentially wanting a personal look but the proof that we have got it right with Incotex is - customers returning for more.

And why do they return? 


Incotex chino


Ultimately it's the combination of comfort and style.

The technical knowledge of how to make a fitted trouser feel good and a fabric and colour selection which always work (generally muted with a few pops of brightness).

We have experimented over the last decade with what we buy from Incotex but it is the 'Slacks' line which has been the most reliable success. 

Season after season, a fitted stretchy silhouette has been an overwhelming crowd pleaser.



The technical wizardry referred to is in the details. 

Incotex was one of the first makers to offer pre washing and garment dyeing to lend a definite casualness and ruggedness to man 's look at a certain time, processes which have become industry standards.

And each pair of trousers will have styling peculiarities, unique to Incotex like a metal turtle emblem, representing the concept of a 'slow' lifestyle. 





We currently have several styles of chino available online and many more in store.

But wherever you are surely you owe it to yourself to try on a pair of the 

World's Best Trousers!!

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