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About Doherty Evans & Stott Tailoring

Doherty, Evans & Stott is an independent luxury menswear brand and tailoring service, our independent store is in Manchester, U.K. We make bespoke suits for weddings and business.

We also buy seasonal collections from mostly British or Italian brands which we love and which complement our aesthetic.

Brands we stock include Crocket and Jones shoes handmade in Northampton. Incotex, Slowear, Zanone, Glanshirt from Venice making probably the best trousers, Boglioli the masters of unstructured jackets, Private white handmade coats in Manchester, Caruso handmade tailoring in Italy also make our bespoke suits. Aspesi, Fox umbrella, Pantherella socks, Mismo bags and Trickers.

We strive to offer something and our customers believe in – modern clothing which instills a pride in one’s appearance and a feeling that dressing well is an important part of a man’s life.

Andrew, Matthew and Thomas.